Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Fun

Summer is most definitely here and since the weather is so hot outside, why not start on a project inside your home?  Think about 1 room in your home which feels blah each time you walk into it.  Start by choosing a paint color.  Grays are very popular today and give rooms a clean and cool feeling.  Don't worry about choosing the wrong color- paint is one of the easiest fixes.  Or, stop by or call the shop and Kim Coe would be excited to help you with color selections.  Once you have a new color palette on the walls decide what furniture and accessories you can't live without and which ones can use a little updating.  You'll be surprised at how a new lamp, chandelier or picture can redefine a room.
Stop by Kim Coe Designs today and schedule an appointment today with Kim to take the "blah" out of your home!